FIFA 19 Menu For PES 6

cara merubah tampilan pes 6 ke fifa 19

FIFA 19 Menu For PES 6

PES6AREMA.COM - MrIMADE has worked hard to make the appearance of the Pro Evolution Soccer 6 game look like FIFA 19. He made the FIFA 19 menu for PES 6. Therefore, let us give credit and appreciation for his hard work.


Download FIFA 19 Menu For PES 6 by MrIMADE


How to Install?

1. Copy 'e_text.afs' into C:\Program Files\Pro Evolution Soccer 6\Kitserver\Dat
2. Replace
3. Done!

Credit: MrIMADE PES 6 Graphics Maker


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Update Menu FIFA 19 for PES 6
Cara Merubah Tampilan Menu PES 6 ke FIFA 19

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