Update Commentaries PES 6 World Cup 2018

Update Commentaries PES 6 World Cup 2018

Comments on your PES 6 just like that everytime you play? maybe it's time you replaced it with a new voice at least the voice of the commentator. On this occasion PES6Arema will give you a little tutorial on how to change the commentator on PES 6.

How to update the commentator in PES 6?
1. Download: Update e_sound PES 6 Worldcup 2018
1. Extract the file you have downloaded
2. Put the e_sound file where you installed PES 6, for example: C: \ Program Files \ Pro Evolution Soccer 6 \ Dat \
3. If there is a notification click YES
4. Try playing your PES 6 and see the results.
Credit: PES6Update.Net
Source: https://www.pes6update.net/2018/07/pes-6-fifa-english-commentary.html

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