Download Option FIle Pes 6 Coutinho to Barcelona (Update 8 January 2018)


Option file Newest Update on Januari, 8th 2018.
Option File Pes6Arema (alpha version)
- Coutinho from Liverpool to Barcelona
- Van Dick from Southampton to Liverpool
- Vietto from Atletico to Valencia
and other transfer

just download and replace your old option file


Option file update terbaru sampai 8 januari 2018.
Option File Pes6Arema (versi alpha)
- Coutinho dariLiverpool ke Barcelona
- Van Dick dari Southampton ke Liverpool
- Vietto dari Atletico keValencia
and other transfer

Ganti Option Dile lama anda dengan yang baru saja anda download

Option File: here

Password: here

To using this option file with maximum update as national team, stadium grass and adboard you should also download PES6.exe and 0_text.afs here


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